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How Can Software Improve Customer Service?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Great customer service makes a world of difference in all of our lives – whether personal or business.

You have a reservation for your 55-foot yacht for your two-week family vacation at a marina. You have planned every detail of your vacation and can’t wait to get there and kick back. However, upon your arrival, you are told that your reservation cannot be found and they are booked. Urrrr… You tell them you talked to someone on the phone two months ago and they assured you of the reservation. However, the person at the marina points to a whiteboard on the wall and shows you they are completely booked. They do not use any software or reservation system. It is all on the whiteboard. Your vacation was ruined, and the marina lost a customer – probably for life.

Software for reservations, customer information, payments, and more could have prevented the issue and increased your customer satisfaction. In today’s fast-paced world, great customer service and software to help you provide great customer service is no longer an option. It is a requirement!

Scribble Software is here to make your customer service a breeze. With many tools for fast communication, you will never need to worry about leaving your customer (sinking) in the dust. With the new customer portal, you can give your customer access to everything they will need at their fingertips.

How Can Scribble Software’s Solutions Help You Provide Great Customer Service?

1. Manage reservations

Whether you are looking for a desktop or cloud solution for your business, Scribble Software is your one-stop solution for reservations. Our Future Markets Team members will help you evaluate your specific needs and provide you options to ensure your business needs are met.

2. Reservation and other customer communications

You can easily communicate with your customers via text message or email – either free text or with built-in templates.

3. Give the customers access to their data and reservations

With the MARINAGO Office customer portal, your customers are able to pay invoices and view transactions and payments at any time they need.

In this portal, they can even book other reservations, manage stored payment information, manage profile info, and much more.

4. Fast and easy access to fuel

You can even save your customer time when they need to get fuel.

No more running up a long dock to the ship store in the hot sun! With MARINAGO Office Pay at the Pump module, your customers simply scan the QR code located directly on the pump and follow the onscreen instructions on their mobile device to pump and pay for the fuel.

Your customers are happy and so are you!

5. Information at your fingertips and theirs

One of the biggest complaints about customer service is the waiting period. With Scribble Software’s solutions, you can provide the best customer service possible quickly because you have all of the information at your fingertips.

Contact our Sales Team directly at (804) 427-8100 x7 or and learn how Scribble Software’s solutions can help you provide the best customer service possible!

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