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Life is Short – Make Work Fun!

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." – Dale Carnegie

Let's face it! We have all been through many life changes over the past few years. We have lived through a pandemic and so much more! Shhhhh, we will not mention it all in this article about having fun.

The impact of the events around the world has changed us. We will never be the people we were before. So, how do we find a new path forward? The answer is different for each of us. However, one thing is sure. Having fun along the way will make this life journey much more enjoyable.

Since many of us spend at least one-third of our day working, incorporating fun into our workday will help us and our team enjoy all the hours of each of our days.

Fun in the workplace comes with many benefits for the business as a whole.

Return on Investment

Ensuring your team is having fun at work is worth the investment.

"Focusing on the good isn't just about overcoming our inner grump to see the glass half full. It's about opening our minds to the ideas and opportunities to help us be more productive, effective, and successful at work and in life." -- quote from Shawn Achor, "The Happiness Advantage" author and expert on happiness psychology.

Produces Harmony and Unity

With all of the division in the world, creating a fun atmosphere at work produces harmony and unity in the office.

Reduces Stress

A byproduct of a fun environment is reduced stress and tension. No one wants to work in a tense, stressful office with no laughter.

Laughter is Good for the Soul, Mind, and Body

Laughing resets our thought processes, allows us to think more clearly, and helps our overall physical wellness.

Employee Retention

Employees who are happier and enjoy working will be more likely to stay with your company.

Increased Productivity

According to an experiment, 700 individuals were shown 10-minute comedy clips or provided refreshments to boost happiness. The researchers confirmed that the comedy clip or the refreshments made the recipients happy, then they assigned them various tasks and tracked their productivity. The recipients receiving these 'happiness' benefits increased their productivity by 12 to 20 percent.

Reduced Absenteeism

When employees feel connected to their coworkers and enjoy working with them, they are less likely to be absent from work on a regular basis.

Because laughter reduces stress, employees may also reap the benefits of feeling physically better. In turn, absenteeism is reduced.

How can you create a fun work environment where your team laughs and stress is reduced?

Celebrate the Milestones Along the Way

You do not need to eat cake once a week to celebrate with your coworkers. It can be as simple as mentioning someone's work anniversary or birthday during a company meeting.

The team can decorate an office for a special occasion.

Pass a card around to congratulate a significant achievement.

Eat Together

Have scheduled team or company lunch together.

Serve Together

Discover ways you can serve those in need in your local communities and make a difference in their lives together, whether it is collecting supplies for a domestic abuse safe house, buying gifts or food for families who would not have a memorable holiday, or helping people without homes, working together will help your local communities and change the mindset of those who are serving and giving together.

Marathons with a Purpose

The team can support team members by walking, talking, and enjoying the fresh air with them.

Instead of having meetings in the conference room, meet outside and discuss the issues as you walk.

Life can be challenging at times, but a good team and a lot of intentional laughter make it easier.

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