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Why You Should Backup Your Data

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

From an unexpected storm, power outage, or potential network attack, it is always a good idea to backup your data. Everyone should ensure they have a restore point set on their devices.

The MARINAGO Office solution is cloud-based and the data in the solution is automatically backed up. However, you are welcome to run reports and save the data on a regular basis. If you are using QuickBooks Desktop or any desktop solutions, please be sure to back up your QuickBooks Desktop and desktop data files on a regular schedule.

For those using Scribble Software's desktop solutions, including those in the MarinaOffice suite of solutions, please ensure you have the most current version by contacting Scribble Software at The latest version includes an automated backup option that will back up the corresponding database for you on a set schedule. You should still make regular backups of the Scribble folder database and QuickBooks file.

Rest assured that your data is safe by always backing up your data and files regularly.

PRO TIP: Making a backup copy of your Scribble folder will make it easier to restore register settings.

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