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Are You Enjoying Life or Entering Data?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

It's a late Friday evening, and you are still working, entering today’s receipts into your accounting platform. As you pour another cup of coffee, you realize you have not spent time with your friends and family for weeks. When you think about the hours and hours of work, you realize something has to change if you are ever going to be able to stop working long hours.

You are not alone. Even in 2022, many businesses are using outdated systems, from pen and paper to an old, obsolete cash register that is not connected to any accounting software. These businesses have another employee review and enter all the payments and numbers after the employee at the cash register already spent the day ringing up the point-of-sale transactions with a calculator or outdated cash register. With smaller businesses, entering the data into the accounting platform often comes right back to the business owners, who then spend late nights and weekends entering receipts instead of resting at home or going out enjoying their nights and weekends.

So how can you stop the nonsense and start enjoying life? Scribble Software’s solutions are integrated with the accounting platforms in real-time. Therefore, transactions and payments in our solutions are automatically pushed over to the accounting platform.

With Scribble Software’s real-time integration, business managers and owners can spend more time enjoying life with their loved ones. Isn’t that what life is all about?

Start enjoying life today! Our Future Markets Team would love to help you get started enjoying your life today. Contact a Technical Sales Specialist today to get started with the right real-time integration solution for your business by calling (804) 427-8100 or emailing

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