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Automate to Save Time and Money

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results ." – Albert Einstein

Often life goes on autopilot in our personal and business lives, and we keep doing the same thing repeatedly without thinking about it. We may set a goal in our personal lives or for the company, but we don't take the time to review what is wrong now and how to improve the processes to reach our goals.

Where to start? Look for repeatable tasks. Then, find a way to automate the tasks.

Automation of repetitive tasks can help your business reach the goals you have set. How?

Automation ensures repetitive tasks are completed the same way every time and that no steps are missed. Work is completed faster, more efficiently, and without human errors.

Freeing up the time employees work on repetitive tasks allows your employees to work on other tasks and help the business grow.

Software solutions can help you automate in the following ways…saving time and money!

Automate your recurring billing and payment processes.

Instead of paying an employee or an independent contractor to create invoices and process payments one by one, manually, Scribble Software's MarinaOffice desktop suite of solutions and MARINAGO Office cloud solutions makes invoicing your recurring meter, electric, and slip charges as easy as a click of a button, saving many payroll hours and money.

Automate your point-of-sale transactions.

Are your ship store employees still using an old manual cash register or a disjointed point-of-sale system not integrated with your accounting system? If so, you are wasting a lot of money and time with double data entry.

Scribble Software offers PureRetail Point-of-Sale desktop solution, which integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and credit card processing. We also have MARINAGO Office Point-of-Sale cloud module, which integrates with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Sage Intacct, and credit card processing.

Automating your point-of-sale with an integrated Scribble Software solution saves employee hours by having a seamless transaction and payment process. In addition, audit trails are built-in as a bonus, making it easy to see users' transactions, voids, and more. This audit data help managers see why data is missing or changed.

Automate your reservations, check-out, and other related processes.

MARINAGO Office cloud solutions take the guesswork out of creating reservations with easy step-by-step functionality for your reservations, check-in, check-out, and so much more.

Automate your customer contracts processes.

Your staff can create batches of contracts and send them out to customers. Online contracts allow customers to sign from anywhere, including their boat.

There will be NO printing, stuffing envelopes, applying postage, or waiting for manual contracts to come into your office. Once again, you are saving time and money.

Automate customer service.

Customers can update information online, pay outstanding invoices, make reservations, and more via the customer portal. Now, that is easy!

These are only a few examples of how our solutions can help your team automate processes throughout your business—saving you time and money in all departments. Scribble Software's solutions help automate processes throughout your business!

Use technology to streamline, automate, organize, and make intelligent business decisions today!

We are here to help you choose the correct marina technical solutions for your business needs, whether cloud or desktop. For more information on all our products, check out our website and give us a call today!

Please check our blog and social media in the previous and coming weeks for specific details on how Scribble Software's solutions help your team streamline particular business processes, including reservations, fuel purchases, and more!

Contact our Sales Team at (804) 427-8100 x7 or and learn how Scribble Software's solutions can help you streamline many processes in your business!

To keep up to date with our social media, check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Visit us at

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