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Connect with Your Customers Instantly!

Connecting with our customers quickly and economically in today's fast-paced world is crucial. That is where Scribble Software's solutions come to the rescue. MARINAGO Office gives your marina a direct line with your customers with built-in email templates, text messaging, and more.

As a MARINAGO Office user, you can choose from many email templates to send to your customers. And now, texting is also built into MARINAGO Office. You can quickly connect with your customers by email or text instantly!

Utilizing these features will give your customers instant access to the information they need while saving YOU time by using the premade email templates. These features give you, your staff, and your customer direct access to take action to keep your business and customer services moving forward! And, there is more.

Texting allows your customers to pay instantly! With a simple link, customers can receive an invoice and pay their balance online. Additionally, with MARINAGO Office Pay at the Pump, your customers can receive a text as part of the validation and payment process.

Need to send an urgent or essential message? You can even send one-time text messages to specific customers for any updates they may need to know!

Connect with your customers instantly! Start utilizing MARINAGO Office Texting and built-in email templates today!

Contact Scribble Software today at (804) 427-8100 x7 or

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