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Dump Stress – Streamline Service Management

Streamline your work order and service management and dump stress!

We have had all those days where we want to run out of the office or better yet yell, “Calgon take me away.” The service shop is no exception. Keeping up with customers' estimates, work orders, labor, parts, invoices, payments, and the list goes on and on. It can be very overwhelming. No worries! Streamlining your service and work order management with technology can remove stress.

As a boat service shop owner or manager, you know the service and boat industry. That is what you love. The work orders, estimates, jobs, time tracking, labor, parts, inventory, and invoices – may not be your favorite part of the job. However, managing all these components effectively is essential for you to stay in business. They are essential to continue doing what you love – servicing boats.

That is where the right technical solutions can help you streamline your service business. Technology can help you streamline and manage your service business by:

  1. Manage and access vital Customer and Vessel data.

  2. New Work Order Service Management cloud module available in MARINAGO Office.

  3. Estimate and Work Order Management.

  4. Email and Text Estimates to customers for approval. Once the customer approves, the system automatically updates the Estimate status to “Approved”.

  5. Parts Inventory Management.

  6. Ability to create and save Predefined Jobs which saves a lot of time and effort from having to re-enter similar jobs for multiple work orders and estimates.

  7. Progressive Billing – invoice jobs and labor as you go.

  8. Ability to invoice specific jobs and/or work orders.

  9. Time Tracking.

  10. Sophisticated Billing Structures.

  11. Text assignments to Technicians – in future release of MARINAGO Office.

  12. Technician Portal – in future release of MARINAGO Office.

  13. Ability to add attachments, photos, tech time, and private notes on a specific work order or estimate.

  14. Security Roles for Variable Levels of Access.

  15. Modern Interface.

  16. Parts, labor, other fees, discounts items supported.

  17. Parts can be added into accounting platform.

  18. Reporting to easily find the data you need. Find work orders for a particular customer, date, status, technician, and other parameters.

  19. Send invoices immediately from MARINAGO Office.

  20. Accounts Receivables and Collection Reports from accounting platform.

  21. Make it easier for customers to pay outstanding balances immediately with MARIAH Online Bill Pay, MARINAGO Office Customer Portal, or MARINAGO Office Instant Pay.

  22. The Scheduler is a great tool for users to easily see what is on their schedule for a particular day, week, or month for scheduled jobs.

Scribble Software’s Solutions can help with cash flow:

**Feature only available with MarinaOffice Desktop with MARIAH Online Bill Pay subscription.

Stop wasting money and time with manual processes or an outdated system! Invest in your business today by automating these processes with Scribble Software solutions, saving time and money exponentially.

Use technology to automate and simplify invoicing and payment processes in your business to receive customer payments as soon as possible!

We are here to help you choose the right solution for your business needs, whether cloud or desktop. For more information on all our products, check out our website and give us a call today!

Please check our blog and social media in the previous and coming weeks for specific details on how Scribble Software’s solutions help your team streamline particular business processes, including reservations, fuel purchases, and more!

Contact our Sales Team at (804) 427-8100 x7 or and learn how Scribble Software’s solutions can help you streamline many processes in your business!

To keep up to date with our social media, check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Visit us at

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