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It's Time to Go Green!

There are many benefits to going green. You have many options to reduce waste and keep documentation and communications digitally. Go Green today!

GO GREEN TODAY! Scribble Software's solutions offer many, many ways to Go Green! Here are a few ways and benefits!

➣ Receipts can be emailed or texted! MarinaOffice suite of solutions and MARINAGO Office allow you to email receipts to your customers. MARINAGO Office suite of solutions will enable you to also text receipts. Together, these solutions save paper, ink, and time.

➣ Customer satisfaction! Automation and digital receipts also put the information at your customers’ fingertips.

➣ Save space! You save valuable space by not printing and storing paper receipts in filing cabinets.

➣ Save time! Sorting, filing, and hunting for the correct paper receipt or other document takes a lot of time!

➣ Save Postage, Paper, Ink, and Envelopes! Batch invoices can be sent to your customers digitally, who can pay online.

➣ Ease of access! Customer reservations, invoicing, fuel management, accounting, and the customer portal give you and your customers the data you need when you need it most!

Additionally, MARINAGO Office has built-in templates for emailing and texting to make communication a breeze between you and your customer. No need to print letters and mail them by the post office. Easily and quickly send an email and reduce the use of paper materials, postage, and ink.

Why wait? GO GREEN TODAY! Get rid of all the paper and switch to a comprehensive next-generation cloud-based software or desktop solution today!

Contact Scribble Software at (804) 427-8100 x7 or for more information!

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