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Leading with Emotional Intelligence - “EI”

“If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.” - Daniel Goleman

Emotional intelligence is critical in the business world, especially if you are a leader or someone working with people. Leaders and managers should always strive to increase their emotional intelligence and surround themselves with team members who strive to do the same.

The good news is that “…our level of emotional intelligence is not fixed genetically, nor does it develop only in early childhood. Unlike IQ, which changes little after our teen years, emotional intelligence seems to be largely learned, and it continues to develop as we go through life and learn from our experiences…” – Daniel Goleman

What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)? It is a person’s level of self-awareness and ability to identify, understand, and manage how they respond and adapt to the world and people around them. Emotional intelligence is vital for healthy relationships and the ability to communicate appropriately with other people.

Emotionally unintelligent people have difficulty managing their feelings and behavior. They often act impulsively without considering the consequences of their behavior, words, and actions. They do not think about how their actions will impact people or the team.

Emotional intelligence is critical in the workplace. Why?

Harmony in the Office

  • Personnel with high EI will communicate effectively and respond with respect for others.

  • Therefore, team members and managers who have high emotional intelligence create a happier, healthier, more harmonious, less chaotic environment.

  • Employees will have more positive relationships and deeper connections with other people, including other employees, which leads to a stronger team.

  • They will have a positive and healthy outlook on the business, co-workers, and management.

  • Higher self-esteem and positive moods in people with high emotional intelligence make a healthier workplace.

Productive Team and Team Environment

  • People with high emotional intelligence have more empathy for others.

  • Instead of constantly reacting emotionally to everyone around them, people with high emotional intelligence focus on the tasks to complete, leading to a more productive environment.

  • Without the friction caused by low emotional intelligence, the team will be more cohesive and can work and grow together.

  • Job satisfaction is higher.

Remain Calm, More Flexible, Adapt to Additional Stress, and Get the Job Done

  • People with high EI remain calm and get the job done, even under pressure.

  • They are more flexible and can adapt to additional stress.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence Increases Personal and Professional Growth

  • Team members learn to respond appropriately by working with highly emotionally intelligent employees.

  • Managers and leaders with high emotional intelligence will provide constructive feedback instead of personal criticism and attacks. Doing this creates a healthy environment which leads to each person on the team growing professionally. The team leaders and members focus on learning and improving themselves and the team.

  • Leaders with a higher EI will encourage feedback from their team members, help them grow, and provide a stable, positive work environment.

Happier Customers

  • Customers will be happier because emotionally intelligent employees communicate effectively and kindly to people.

  • These emotionally intelligent employees: listen first, evaluate, and then discuss calmly and professionally.

Successful Business

  • Healthy communication helps the team accomplish common goals, making the business more successful.

Where to start? Leaders should begin by evaluating and improving their emotional intelligence before trying to help their team. Then, leaders should help increase the overall emotional intelligence of the staff by defining guidelines, providing training and employee development, offering stress management education as applicable, and providing fact-based feedback.

Leaders and employees can read many books on emotional intelligence to help them grow personally and professionally. Increasing their emotional intelligence helps those around them grow and succeed.

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