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Manage Water, Cabin, RV, Campground, and Other Space Types with One Solution

"To walk into nature is to witness a thousand miracles." – Mary Davis

The outdoor recreational industry contains many businesses that help us all enjoy the beauty of nature. There are resorts, campgrounds, and marinas for those who want to experience the great outdoors in tents, recreational vehicles, cabins, boats, and more.

One software solution can help you manage many types of rental spaces. What are the advantages of using one solution?

Scribble Software's solutions, whether you choose MARINAGO Office cloud solutions or MarinaOffice desktop solutions, help you manage all different types of spaces in one place. You do not need separate software solutions for every kind of rental space.

As a business manager, using one comprehensive enterprise solution to manage your different types of rental spaces come with many benefits.

Save Money. Instead of paying for two, three, or more different solutions from different companies, you pay for one comprehensive software solution.

Save Time. Spending less time training employees and ensuring everyone appropriately uses the comprehensive solution.

Be Happy. Using one solution makes life easier for managers and employees. And, when life is simplified, we are all more content and maybe more joyful.

Fewer Procedures. There will be fewer procedures to write and keep up with when using one solution. Fewer procedures save time and money. Plus, fewer procedures lead to less frustration for employees and managers.

Easy Quick Reports. Reporting on all your spaces from one solution is easy and in one place. See the big picture or the details, all from one place.

One Technical Support and Service Team. Contact the Scribble Software Technical Support team whenever you have questions. You don't need to contact different companies for different solutions when one solution and team have your needs covered.

Scribble Software's solutions, MARINAGO Office cloud solutions and MarinaOffice suite of desktop solutions allow you to manage many types of rental spaces in one place. Simply select the type of rental spaces you are renting. Marina vessel slips, wet or dry? Campground sites? Cabins? RV sites? Others? No problem!

Current customers, please contact Scribble Software Technical Support if you have any questions about setting up different types of rental spaces. Scribble's Technical Support Team is here to help.

Use technology to streamline, automate, organize, and make intelligent business decisions today!

We are here to help you choose the correct marina technical solutions for your business needs, whether cloud or desktop. For more information on all our products, check out our website and give us a call today!

Please check our blog and social media in the previous and coming weeks for specific details on how Scribble Software's solutions help your team streamline particular business processes, including reservations, fuel purchases, and more!

Contact our Sales Team at (804) 427-8100 x7 or and learn how Scribble Software's solutions can help you streamline many processes in your business!

To keep up to date with our social media, check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Visit us at

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