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Successful Businesses Have Superheroes!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Where do you start? As a manager or business owner, you must surround yourself with people who know how to get the job done and keep the business moving forward on all fronts. When it comes to the software your company uses, you always want to have at least one or more people on your team who truly know how to use it. These superheroes are POWER USERS!

Are you confused? You recently started using your new management software and have no idea where to look or how to start using it. Imagine if you and your team knew how to understand and utilize all settings and features within the software. Your daily business operations would be a breeze!

Become a power user. After you become an active MARINAGO Office or MarinaOffice user, you will receive an invitation to join Scribble Software’s MARINAGO Office Online Academy or MarinaOffice Desktop Solutions Academy. These academies set you up to succeed and empower you and your team members to become power users.

The short, targeted courses in the academies create the optimal learning experience. These courses contain knowledge articles, forms, and training videos. YOU will obtain information containing functions, procedures, and valuable details about your new software! Your power users will share this knowledge with your team to ensure everyone understands and utilizes the software to its full capacity.

Rest assured. Our Technical Support and Services team is always here to help answer questions and provide targeted services to help your team be successful.

Scribble Software empowers our users through optimized online learning platforms. As an active user, please contact us today to gain access to Scribble Software’s Online Learning Academies.

Become a Superhero for your business today! Become a Power User today! You can move from chaos to clarity today. Contact us today and become power users by calling (804) 427-8100 or emailing

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